I focus around a variety of fetishes and interests.  I’ve the experience, toys and gear to build a well structured scene, whether in a domestic, hotel or dungeon setting. 

I don’t engage in penetrative sex (dildos are fine), nor do I take a submissive role or ‘go down’ on folk, or engage in unsafe play. No permanent marks, scat or blood.

Rope Work
Role Play
Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
Corporal Punishment (CP)
Sensory Deprivation
Nipple Play (TT)
Anal Play (Dildos etc)
Foot Worship
Humiliation & Degradation
Water Sports (WS)
Electro Play
Wax & Ice Play
Sensation Play
Food Play
Chastity & Edge Play
Tickle Torture
Leather, Rubber & Sportswear

Plus much more besides.

Toys & Gear Available (Outcalls)

(For a more extensive list of equipment available at the dungeon I generally attend in London, visit . If you’re requiring regarding an out call and the scene requires equipment besides the generalities I’ve listed below, mention any specifics beforehand as I can often arrange to bring extras along).

Various leather/rubber/military/sports gear, wrist/ankle cuffs, hog tie, rope, chains, blindfolds, gags, pinwheels, sensation equipment, TAZapper, dildos/plugs etc, heat creams, mummification wrap, TT clamps, cock & ball restraints, CP gear, Electro equipment including violet wand, candles, collar/leash, mittens, chastity device, massage oils, my imagination and intuition, and much more I trust than you’d expect from your average Dom Lad.


New to BDSM?

I can build many aspects into a session, adapting the scene as we go. As you begin to relax into the experience, most people tap into new areas of sexuality they’ve either fantasized about or never knew existed. You’ll have a safe word also.  If you really aren’t enjoying, use it and we stop the session, slow things down or change direction.

Scenes can be as relaxed or as serious as we’re comfortable with, BDSM doesn’t all have to be about pain, can also be quite Tantric sometimes, and I’m not into anything unsafe though I’m great at the techniques and the verbals and role play and I know how to dominate.  Consider your own interests before making contact!

I like to create varied scenes, so the more info you provide beforehand (via email, phone or a chat at the beginning of the session), the better experience we’ll have. Most scenes develop naturally with trust.

If any anal toys are used during a scene, to keep it all hygienic, any latex toys (dildos, plugs, etc) are disinfected before/after session and condoms are placed over dildos. Other ‘non-internal’ toys are cleaned with soap and water. Shower and bathroom facilities, towels, shower gel, soap etc also available.

paulextra3woods 11627


I was immediately taken by his comforting presence, powerful eyes, and his exceedingly appealing look. We talked openly about my own BDSM interests and it was evident he was as turned on by our discussion as I was. His transformation into leather Dom was stunning and thrilling. He was masterful in both technique and role play. He was able to deliver everything I had asked for and more. I have explored this arena before and Kristian is at the top of his game. Highly recommended.


If you wish to contact me to make a booking or ask a question you can do so with the details below.

Phone: 07960 958 608
Text: 07960 958 608

I’ll aim to respond within 24 hours.

Short notice bookings are also often accommodated, though please keep any text conversations brief or phone me if you require a more detailed response (No withheld numbers). Discretion assured.



May 2019