If you’re new to this kind of play, I trust you’ll find my responses to many of the questions people ask below helpful.  If you’ve further questions, you’re welcome to send me an email, a brief text or phone me and I’ll be happy to respond.

Several escorts offer domination services.  Why should I visit you, Kris?

I’ve many years experience of the lifestyle, I know good from bad.

I specialise in BDSM, I’m expert in most forms of BDSM and role play with 9 years professional experience and plenty of personal experience besides.

I offer fun, safe scenarios, at a level that’s right for the individual with my own limits respected also.

Do you practice safe sex?

100% Yes!  I don’t engage in penetrative sex  (dildos with condoms are fine, or prostrate massage alongside light plastic gloves, if you enjoy this type of activity).  I’m very safe in my personal life also and vigilant.  I don’t engage in bareback sex, and I don’t ‘go down’ on clients. I undertake regular sexual health checks to help ensure both myself and you guys are kept safe.

Given the nature of the activities we’re engaging in, the risks are pretty minimal. Though as with any consensual activity of this nature, everyone has to take self-responsibility and use their own common sense.

I don’t know you. I’m nervous about letting a stranger tie me up.

A few nerves aren’t a bad thing, quite natural, and often adds to the scene. Read my testimonials to get a feel for my character. Whilst I don’t mind pushing your limits if that’s what you desire, as that’s your decision, any play I engage in is always with safety in mind, and play doesn’t always have to involve bondage or pain either. If you prefer to leave the bondage out altogether, or at least for a first-meet, then cool, though regardless, if you’re wishing to contact me have some idea as to the scene you have in mind as I am NOT going to do all of the work for you.  Any time wasters, I will hang up on.

What types of role play do you engage in?

The most common types of role play are SM scenarios, experimental sessions, interrogation scenes, bully boy/verbal scenarios, etc.   Many newbies who haven’t experienced BDSM before, may wish to experiment or broaden their horizons, through a lighter environment to build trust.

I’m a great improviser and have met people from many walks-of-life. I’m sure the veterans at this type-of-play would agree that trust and respect is very important also, and everyone must begin somewhere and find their own safe-zone in what they’re comfortable within this respect.

As one of my earlier teachers advised me: ‘Remember, it’s meant to be fun!’

I’m happy to suggest various scenarios though I expect you to come with some idea in mind as to what you feel may appeal.  Approach me asking ‘what will you do to me’ and don’t be surprised if I don’t respond as most of the ground I’ve already covered here.  I’ll lead come the session, we can have a chat beforehand and I’ll  settle you in before going into-scene.

Not all role play has to involve equipment or toys either. Everyone’s different, and I’ll tailor a session to an individuals needs and communicate well with you beforehand, providing you respect me. If I’m not happy or comfortable, I’ll say so, and I’d expect you to do the same.

Many people prefer to discuss limits then leave the rest to me, so I have complete control over the scene. Others prefer a specific fantasy. Either way, we can establish everything we have to beforehand and throughout if-need-be.

What if I’m not into pain?

BDSM covers a broad spectrum and BDSM doesn’t always involve pain.  Many people find they don’t mind some erotic pain, just nothing too heavy.  I’m not here to leave you or myself marked, battered, bruised or traumatised; if anything, the clients requesting that kind of play are the ones I turn away.  There’s a difference between erotic sexuality and abuse.

Many discover after meeting for the first time, they wish to have their limits pushed somewhat in future sessions, be it for reasons pertaining to a subs pride or sense of endurance, or through the discovery of a masochistic fine-line between pleasure and pain.  The best scenes develop with trust and trust me, I’m one of the good guys, though that doesn’t make me any less capable of Dominating.

Is practising BDSM, role play and SM unhealthy?

Whether folk say so or not, many of us have non-vanilla fantasies and desires that others may consider taboo, each to their own.  BDSM enjoyed safely between consenting adults, I see as a chance to let go and explore as a healthy expression of one’s sexuality.

What can I expect upon meeting for a role play session?

It really depends on how we plan the meet.  Some prefer to go straight into role upon arrival, and some prefer discussion or social time before going into scene (I do insist on some discussion beforehand at some stage to help the scene flow more smoothly).

Do you accept text messages?

Yes, providing they’re kept brief and to-the-point, I’m not a ‘text-sex’ service and if I sense my time is being wasted I’ll hang up, on you.  I’ve endured many time wasters and I tend to lack patience if it’s question-after-question via text.  Respect me and I’ll respect you.  Far easier if you’ve many questions, to contact me via email or a telephone conversation.

Upon arrival we’ll meet and greet, I’ll ask if you have any health conditions or medications that are essential to your health, before starting the scene (for example, should you have a pacemaker, asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions, a bad back etc), so I can keep you safe.  We’ll set a mutual safe word, or if you’re gagged as part of the session, a way of letting-me-know so we can stop the scene or take-a-break if you’re uncomfortable.

Once the preliminaries upon arrival are sorted, I’ll leave the room for a moment, then return and go into-scene.

What age-range of people do you see?

I don’t have maximum age-limit although I’ll only agree to meet with clients over the age of 18. If you’ve any health conditions then take self-responsibility-for-such and if there’s anything I should be aware of so as to keep the session safe, be sure to mention at any point.  If there’s something you forget-to-mention and remember once the session starts, then I expect you to speak up.  I may be intuitive though I’m not a mind-reader!

What’s the difference between a ‘sub’ and a ‘slave’?

Opinions may vary, though I kinda see it this way within the BDSM gay community:  A ‘sub’ is someone who enjoys submitting to a Dominant during role play or BDSM, though generally prefers to come out-of-role following the scene. A ‘slave’, is someone who fully embraces their submission as a lifestyle choice. Most people I meet are subs or people curious about giving BDSM a go. True ‘lifestyle’ slaves tend to be rare, though the label of ‘slave’ may be used as part of a roleplay scenario, depending on the dynamic.

I’ve never ‘subbed’ before, where do I start? What do I say on first contact?

If you’re phoning or emailing me, just explain you’ve seen my website online and you’re interested in arranging a session. I’ll usually ask a few questions about the type-of-scene you’re wishing for and we can have a friendly chat about it out-of-role. Upon meeting, if this is your first time you’re likely to be a little nervous. If that’s the case I’ll aim to put you at ease before leading into-our-session together. If you’re new to it all, you may prefer the idea of fun exploration initially instead of a full-on role play scene. We can discuss all this beforehand.

It’s my first time, what I’m really uncomfortable, find this isn’t for me and wish to stop?

Before the session I’ll give you a safe word. Use it and I stop, its that simple. I’m good at gauging responses and building limits slowly and gradually. If something isn’t working, we can change direction or if you’re really uncomfortable, we can end the scene with no hard feelings, in the knowledge that at least you gave it a shot.

I’ve never contacted an escort before. Should I expect a seedy experience?

With some escorts it may feel seedy, though some people really get off on that kind-of-experience.  I’m not knocking that, each-to-their-own, though I don’t go about what I do in that way.  Many escorts take great pride in their work, though I’ve also heard stories from folk who have had poor experiences with escorts. There’s no 100% guarantee you’re going to click with everyone you meet. I take pride in what I do, and ideally wish for both of us to come away knowing we’ve had a good time and enjoyed ourselves, rather than it feel a sterile commercial transaction. I like to think that what I do is worthwhile and of mutual benefit.  If you’re looking for a seedy experience, perhaps better looking elsewhere.


From the day I had made the booking up until the actual day Kris was very professional. He made contact with me several times informing me of his status, Kris instantly puts you at ease and catered for all my needs! A professional escort who does his job to very high standard and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.


If you wish to contact me to make a booking or ask a question you can do so with the details below.

E-mail: kristianhawke@hotmail.com

I’ll aim to respond within 24 hours.

Short notice bookings are also often accommodated, though please keep any text conversations brief or phone me if you require a more detailed response (No withheld numbers).



September 2022